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Dear Parents and Students,

My name is Jennifer, the operations manager here at Charlene’s Safe Ride. As a mother of four, I know all too well the feeling of having a child living away from home. When the holiday season arrives, that feeling becomes even more burdensome by the thought of how safe they will be traveling back home.

The holidays are meant for excitement and enthusiasm, not looming emotions of anxiety and stress. While there are several licensed and insured taxi and shuttle airport providers on campus, there are also many that are not. Swindlers and charlatans run rampant during the holidays to provide criminally poor service at exorbitant prices. Add to that false claims of legitimate employment under our company and you’ve a recipe for disaster.

As a mother, it isn’t hard for me to see where potential risk is involved and where it is not. Booking an airport taxi for my child with a “one-man-show” or disreputable company that charges an arm and a leg doesn’t sound like my idea of safe, nor does it sound very cost effective.

As parents, we would be instinctively repelled by this façade, forcefully propelling us in the direction of a more suitable alternative.

This is why you’re here.

When someone chooses our airport shuttle service, they’ll receive the utmost care and responsibility from our staff that any parent would give to their child.

We enforce requirements that will keep your child safe and out of harm’s way for the duration of their journey with us from before they meet with us until they’re waving goodbye.

If a Duke student wishes to use our airport car and shuttle service,

  1. Be sure to book in advance.
  2. Ensure the ride is prepaid.
  3. Print or Save your email receipt to show the driver.
  4. Students are encouraged to:
  • Stay in their Dorms or Terminals until we contact them.
  • Contact the office and/or their driver immediately if they don’t hear from us.
  • Look for our CSR logo on the side of the vehicle before entering.
  • Do not accept rides from ANYONE claiming to work for Charlene’s Safe Ride.
  • If you use any service other than CSR, you do so at your own risk and you agree that CSR will have no liability arising from your use of other services.
  • We require Three (3) hours cancellation notice to issue a full refund.

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